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  • Woody Guthrie’s democracy

    Woody Guthrie’s democracy

    I edited this essay for Moyers and Company.
    “Woody saw the ravages of the Dust Bowl and the Depression firsthand; his own family came unraveled in the worst hard times. And he wrote tough yet lyrical stories about the men and women who struggled to survive, enduring the indignity of living life at the bone, with nothing to eat and no place to sleep . . . What professional success he had during his own lifetime, singing in concerts and on the radio, was often undone by politics and the restless urge to keep moving on. “So long, it’s been good to know you,” he sang, and off he would go.”

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  • Saint Jude

    Saint Jude

    A short documentary film about my friend Mary Lynch who talks about her art, despair and the buddhist ideal.

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  • Rona Yefman artist profile

    Rona Yefman artist profile

    This profile of Rona Yefman is one in a series of studio artist videos profiles that I created for Smack Mellon gallery. My Role: Producer, Videographer, Editor For: Smack Mellon gallery You can see the other video profiles here: Ari Tabei Yoko Inoue Lea Bertucci

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  • Youngstown, Ohio: the incredible shrinking city

    Youngstown, Ohio: the incredible shrinking city

    In a country where bigger is almost always better, cities like Youngstown, Ohio, are trying to come back to life by shrinking themselves. This Blueprint America story reports on Youngstown’s plan to restore its former greatness, but on a smaller scale. I was the main editor on this piece for Blueprint America, PBS. Watch the video here.

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  • Safe and Sexy

    Safe and Sexy

    This video accompanies an article by producer Shoshana Guy on the Need to Know website. Shoshana describes Sarah Hughes‘ photography project as follows: “Over the span of more than 10 years, Hughes has traveled the globe documenting people in one outfit in which they feel safe and comfortable and one in which they feel sexy. The photographs are accompanied by audio interviews in which predominately women, and some men, answer questions about themselves and what makes them feel safe, sexy, more »

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  • Author profile:  Abby Pogrebin

    Author profile: Abby Pogrebin

    I shot and edited this for Sonnet Media. Abby Pogrebin talks about her writing.

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  • An Egyptian-American reflects on Hosni Mubarak’s ouster

    An Egyptian-American reflects on Hosni Mubarak’s ouster

    “As we watched the remarkable scenes of revolution in Egypt last week, one member of the Need to Know staff was immersed nearly 24/7 — and for good reason. Producer Mona Iskander is Egyptian-American, with some of her family still living in Cairo. She stayed in touch with them constantly and we at Need to Know were able to see the revolution unfold through her eyes.” I was the editor on this piece.

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  • Adam Hochschild: America has ‘blood on our hands’ in Congo

    Adam Hochschild: America has ‘blood on our hands’ in Congo

    Author Adam Hochschild reminds us of the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, Congo’s first democratically elected leader and explains why he thinks America has “blood on our hands.” I was the editor on this piece for the show Need To Know on PBS.

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  • Kingsborough Community College videos

    Kingsborough Community College videos

    I edited a series of promotional videos for Kingsborough Community College. This one is about the theater department.

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