Deaf students take to the stage and look to the future

Meet Evans, Chelsea, and Chen, students at Lexington School for the Deaf in New York, who use theatre to express their creativity and have great aspirations for the future.


Meet social mother Franciane

In Sobral, Brazil, ‘social mothers’ like Franciane are helping to make a clean sweep in the reduction of under-5 mortality by helping mothers during pregnancy and in the first, most critical, month of a baby’s life.


Long After We’re Gone

A soundscape piece comprising video and audio field recordings in and around the Gowanus Canal, one of the most polluted waterways in the US.



A feature-length documentary that interweaves three stories of South African lesbians who adopt across racial lines.


Smack Mellon studio artists

This profile of Ivan Monforte is from a video series created for Smack Mellon featuring the artists in their Artist Studio Program.


Lee-Ursus: South African MC

Sean Jacobs interviews South African hip-hop artist, Lee-Ursus Alexander who raps in Afrikaans in this video that I filmed and edited for the popular blog Africa is a Country.


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